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Your Active Game Logs + Open Invitations

Listed below are your Game Courier logs plus open invitations. The open invitations were not directed specifically to you, but you are free to accept any of them while they last. To accept an invitation, whether open or personal, click on the link in the Next Move For column, fill out the form with your userid and password, and submit it.

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GameLogLast ModifiedLast Move byNext Move for
Camel Decimal Chesstimurthelenk-numerist-2023-327-89435' 20" ago Jean-Louis CazauxPaul Rapoport
Bigorraarx-cvgameroom-2023-268-98036' 18" ago Jean-Louis CazauxDaniel Zacharias
Jetansesquipedalian-cvgameroom-2022-343-17457' 17" ago Daniel ZachariasRichard milner
Enhanced Courier Chessarx-sissa-2023-294-06458' 52" ago Daniel ZachariasCarlos Cetina
Animal Arenaarx-cvgameroom-2023-293-1501 hour 0' ago Daniel ZachariasRichard milner
Atlantean Coffee House Sh...arx-cvgameroom-2023-258-8461 hour 1' ago Daniel ZachariasRichard milner
Shakopanther-cvgameroom-2023-328-3461 hour 44' ago Митя МитяKevin Pacey
Sac Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2023-328-3511 hour 45' ago Митя МитяKevin Pacey
Chu Seireigichessshogi-bobgreenwade-2023-310-8612 hours 25' ago Bob GreenwadeA. DeWitt
Dai Seireigichessshogi-bobgreenwade-2023-316-8102 hours 26' ago Bob GreenwadeA. DeWitt
Sho Shogibahram-cvgameroom-2023-332-2662 hours 52' ago Митя МитяAnyone
Symmetric Chessalienum-cvgameroom-2023-322-7873 hours 37' ago Kevin PaceyHomo Simia
Sissa Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2023-328-3533 hours 40' ago Kevin PaceyRichard milner
Shakopanther-cvgameroom-2023-328-3473 hours 41' ago Kevin PaceyRichard milner
Frog Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2023-328-3413 hours 44' ago Kevin PaceyRichard milner
Yáng Qíplaytester-cvgameroom-2023-317-7894 hours 18' ago Play TesterRichard milner
Capablanca Shatranjplaytester-cvgameroom-2023-303-8074 hours 18' ago Play TesterRichard milner
Cetran Chess 3sissa-cvgameroom-2023-329-2634 hours 29' ago Carlos CetinaRichard milner
Shatarbahram-cvgameroom-2023-326-5345 hours 58' ago Митя МитяRichard milner
Vanguard Chessbobgreenwade-cvgameroom-2023-289-8996 hours 0' ago Bob GreenwadeRichard milner
Chu Seireigisesquipedalian-cvgameroom-2023-316-3086 hours 17' ago Richard milnerwdtr2
Queens IIdegenschess66-cvgameroom-2023-286-6636 hours 18' ago Richard milnerGerd Degens
Pattern Chessdegenschess66-cvgameroom-2023-302-4436 hours 19' ago Richard milnerGerd Degens
Devingt Chesssesquipedalian-cvgameroom-2022-116-9146 hours 23' ago Richard milnerLéopold Devingt
Devingt Chessnanil618-cvgameroom-2023-297-0446 hours 26' ago Richard milnerLéopold Devingt
Shosu Shogimakov333-cvgameroom-2023-330-5036 hours 40' ago Митя МитяVitya Makov
Bigorraarx-cvgameroom-2023-268-9897 hours 7' ago Daniel Zachariaswdtr2
Frog Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2023-328-3407 hours 21' ago Kevin Paceywdtr2
Pocket Shogi Copperpanther-cvgameroom-2023-328-3447 hours 22' ago Kevin Paceywdtr2
Kings castledegenschess66-cvgameroom-2023-312-3458 hours 16' ago wdtr2Gerd Degens
Hannibal Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2023-328-34210 hours 6' ago Kevin PaceyVitya Makov
Hannibal Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2023-328-34310 hours 7' ago Kevin PaceyVitya Makov
Pocket Shogi Copperpanther-cvgameroom-2023-328-34510 hours 9' ago Kevin PaceyVitya Makov
Shatranjimakov333-cvgameroom-2023-317-48310 hours 18' ago Vitya Makovper hommerberg
Shatranjiper31-cvgameroom-2023-319-93010 hours 20' ago Vitya Makovper hommerberg
Chieftain Chess IIjoejoyce-panther-2023-318-06910 hours 26' ago Kevin PaceyJoe Joyce
Symmetric Chessper31-cvgameroom-2023-319-92810 hours 27' ago Play Testerper hommerberg
Xhessper31-cvgameroom-2023-319-92810 hours 27' ago Play Testerper hommerberg
Xhessplaytester-cvgameroom-2023-317-78910 hours 27' ago Play Testerper hommerberg
Midgard Chessjoejoyce-david_64-2023-276-89711 hours 31' ago David PaulowichJoe Joyce
New Chancellor Chessplaytester-cvgameroom-2023-303-80712 hours 9' ago Play TesterJeremy Thompson
Sissa Chesssissa-cvgameroom-2023-292-00612 hours 19' ago Carlos CetinaJeremy Thompson
Glinski's Hexagonal Chess...jezzat-cvgameroom-2023-294-49013 hours 23' ago Jeremy ThompsonLev Grigoriev
Devingt Chessnanil618-cvgameroom-2023-298-76413 hours 27' ago Léopold DevingtLev Grigoriev
Heavy Gravity Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-324-76814 hours 0' ago Play TesterVitya Makov
Chu Seireigichessshogi-cvgameroom-2023-308-05118 hours 1' ago A. DeWittAurelian Florea
Chess with Different Armiesmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-325-68720 hours 45' ago David PaulowichVitya Makov
Conquerdegenschess66-cvgameroom-2023-311-6151 day, 0 hours ago Gerd DegensLev Grigoriev
Shatranjbahram-cvgameroom-2023-326-5311 day, 5 hours ago Митя МитяLev Grigoriev
Ultimacryinto-cvgameroom-2023-329-6941 day, 9 hours ago Richard milnerLev Grigoriev
Orthodiacryinto-cvgameroom-2023-243-8611 day, 9 hours ago Richard milnerLev Grigoriev
Heavenly Queen Chesscryinto-cvgameroom-2023-288-9121 day, 9 hours ago Richard milnerLev Grigoriev
Pocket Mutation Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-324-5021 day, 10 hours ago wdtr2Vitya Makov
Pocket Mutation Chessmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-324-5201 day, 10 hours ago wdtr2Vitya Makov
Tutti-Frutti Chessplaytester-cvgameroom-2023-298-0181 day, 10 hours ago Play TesterVitya Makov
Chess with Different Armiesmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-325-6881 day, 10 hours ago Play TesterVitya Makov
Chess with Different Armiesmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-325-6861 day, 10 hours ago Play TesterVitya Makov
Chess with Different Armiesmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-325-6811 day, 10 hours ago Play TesterVitya Makov
Shosu Shogimakov333-cvgameroom-2023-330-5041 day, 21 hours ago Vitya MakovAnyone
Chinese Chess with Dragonmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-330-4501 day, 22 hours ago Vitya MakovAnyone
Cetran Chess 3sissa-cvgameroom-2023-330-2132 days, 4 hours ago Carlos CetinaAnyone
Chess with Different Armiesmakov333-cvgameroom-2023-325-6892 days, 9 hours ago Play TesterVitya Makov
Symmetric Chessalienum-cvgameroom-2023-329-9752 days, 9 hours ago Homo SimiaAnyone
Symmetric Chessalienum-cvgameroom-2023-329-9742 days, 9 hours ago Homo SimiaAnyone
Asymmetric Modern Republi...cryinto-cvgameroom-2023-329-6952 days, 16 hours ago Lev GrigorievAnyone
Black Holes IIdegenschess66-cvgameroom-2023-329-4482 days, 22 hours ago Gerd DegensAnyone
Equal Modern Republican C...cryinto-cvgameroom-2023-328-8363 days, 13 hours ago Lev GrigorievAnyone
Queenmaniadegenschess66-cvgameroom-2023-286-6653 days, 14 hours ago Gerd DegensOisín D.
Sac Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2023-328-3534 days, 0 hours ago Kevin PaceyAnyone
Sac Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2023-328-3524 days, 0 hours ago Kevin PaceyAnyone
Eurasian+Chessper31-cvgameroom-2023-327-3005 days, 2 hours ago per hommerbergAnyone
Black Holesdegenschess66-cvgameroom-2023-326-7325 days, 15 hours ago Gerd DegensAnyone
Chess 9x9playtester-cvgameroom-2023-319-6155 days, 16 hours ago Play TesterVitya Makov
Sho Shogibahram-cvgameroom-2023-326-5355 days, 20 hours ago Митя МитяAnyone
Faceoff Chesscryinto-cvgameroom-2023-200-5916 days, 4 hours ago Lev GrigorievOisín D.
Eurasian+Chessper31-cvgameroom-2023-325-9616 days, 10 hours ago per hommerbergAnyone
Devingt Chessnanil618-timurthelenk-2023-325-8466 days, 12 hours ago Léopold DevingtJean-Louis Cazaux


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