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Your Active Game Logs + Open Invitations

Listed below are your Game Courier logs plus open invitations. The open invitations were not directed specifically to you, but you are free to accept any of them while they last. To accept an invitation, whether open or personal, click on the link in the Next Move For column, fill out the form with your userid and password, and submit it.

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GameLogLast ModifiedLast Move byNext Move for
Dead Ringers Chessvandalcplaza-cvgameroom-2021-158-6275' 29" ago Daniel ZachariasAdrian
Expanded Chessarx-cvgameroom-2021-157-2569' 14" ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Chu Shogiarx-cvgameroom-2021-157-25710' 13" ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Tenjiku Shogiarx-cvgameroom-2021-157-26211' 29" ago Daniel ZachariasMilton Haddock
Glinski's Hexagonal Chesslunaris-cvgameroom-2021-123-43012' 33" ago Daniel ZachariasArmin Liebhart
Terachess IIarx-cvgameroom-2021-143-01214' 24" ago Daniel ZachariasAurelian Florea
Teramachyarx-timurthelenk-2021-132-10715' 28" ago Daniel ZachariasJean-Louis Cazaux
Expanded Chesstimurthelenk-arx-2021-132-86317' 12" ago Daniel ZachariasJean-Louis Cazaux
Gigachess IIcatugo-cvgameroom-2021-154-31736' 13" ago Jean-Louis CazauxAurelian Florea
Very Heavy Chesstimurthelenk-cvgameroom-2021-46-91843' 16" ago Jean-Louis CazauxCarlos Cetina
Bear Chesspokshtya-cvgameroom-2021-164-24845' 34" ago Вадря ПокштяВиктор Байгужаков
Test12x12-01timurthelenk-numerist-2021-163-65446' 19" ago Jean-Louis CazauxPaul Rapoport
Opulent Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2021-79-1795 hours 22' ago Armin LiebhartKevin Pacey
Grand Chesspanther-cvgameroom-2021-79-1875 hours 25' ago Armin LiebhartKevin Pacey
Bear Chesspokshtya-cvgameroom-2021-163-7237 hours 47' ago Вадря ПокштяВадря Покштя
Grand Shatranjpanther-joejoyce-2021-127-2568 hours 18' ago Joe JoyceKevin Pacey
Bear Chesspokshtya-cvgameroom-2021-163-7649 hours 49' ago Вадря Покштяwdtr2
Chesspanther-tim_olena-2021-160-14210 hours 19' ago Tim O'LenaKevin Pacey
Tim's 3D Chesstim_olena-panther-2021-164-11810 hours 21' ago Tim O'LenaKevin Pacey
McCooey's Hexagonal Chesstim_olena-cvgameroom-2021-159-10510 hours 39' ago Tim O'LenaKevin Pacey
Circular Chesspanther-tim_olena-2021-160-26310 hours 46' ago Tim O'LenaKevin Pacey
Hexcetran Chessarx-sissa-2021-147-02813 hours 46' ago Daniel ZachariasCarlos Cetina
Extinction Chessarx-cvgameroom-2021-157-25614 hours 33' ago Daniel Zachariaswdtr2
Apothecary Chess-Classicarx-sxg-2021-112-32214 hours 35' ago Daniel ZachariasOisín D.
Grande Acedrexarx-cvgameroom-2021-164-05014 hours 37' ago Daniel ZachariasAnyone
Grande Acedrexarx-cvgameroom-2021-164-04914 hours 38' ago Daniel ZachariasAnyone
Cetran Chess 2panther-sissa-2021-79-95715 hours 34' ago Kevin PaceyCarlos Cetina
Cetran Chess 2panther-sissa-2021-79-17815 hours 35' ago Kevin PaceyCarlos Cetina
Jetanarx-jamison-2021-163-84316 hours 33' ago Daniel ZachariasJamison Painter
Jetanjamison-cvgameroom-2021-54-06419 hours 40' ago Daniel ZachariasJamison Painter
Chu Shogidax00-cvgameroom-2021-130-31921 hours 19' ago Aurelian Floreadax00
Terachess IItimurthelenk-sxg-2021-45-3921 day, 17 hours ago Jean-Louis CazauxOisín D.
Chess with Different Armiesvenomninja-cvgameroom-2021-162-7661 day, 21 hours ago Alex99Alex99
Joe Joyce Hyperchessf8675309-Palpy-2021-158-9055 days, 18 hours ago Fish FishDakarai Marshall
Joe Joyce Hyperchessf8675309-Palpy-2021-158-9025 days, 18 hours ago Fish FishDakarai Marshall
Joe Joyce Hyperchessf8675309-palpy-2021-158-9015 days, 18 hours ago Fish FishDakarai Marshall
Chessf8675309-palpy-2021-158-9005 days, 18 hours ago Fish FishDakarai Marshall


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Filtering by Userid

If you enter a userid, it will list only those games in which that id identifies one of the players. Under the Next Move for column, for each game in which it is that user's turn to move, it will include a link for him to go to the PBM and make his next move. If a given user is playing any games that are not open to public view, he will need to enter his password to view these games on this page. If all your games are publicly viewable, then you don't need to include your password on this page.

How to Delete a Log

To get links for deleting logs, you must first enter a userid. To delete a log, you must be one of the players listed in the log. When you click on the link to delete a log, you will be asked for your password. Enter it and click on the Delete button. If your userid matches one of the players, and if your password is correct, the log will be deleted.

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