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Contest: design a chess variant on 42 squares

In July 2001, a contest to design a chess variant on a board with 42 squares starts. On this webpage, you will find the links to the submitted games, rules of the contest, the winners, etc...

The Results Are In

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The Games

  1. Cannons and Crabs, by David Short.
  2. Mercurial Chess, by Mark Hedden.
  3. Capture the Flag Chess, by Thomas Cameron.
  4. Xiangqi 42, by Robert Price.
  5. By Rook or By Crook, by Jeff Rients.
  6. Evolution Chess, by Jason D. Wittman.
  7. Mini Thunder Chess, by Fergus Duniho. 2nd Place (tie)
  8. Interdependent Chess, by Fergus Duniho. Honorable Mention
  9. Goal Box Chess, by Kevin McPartland. 4th Place
  10. Hibryd III, by Jared B. McComb.
  11. Thronschach, by Glenn E. Overby II. 5th Place
  12. Dino-Czars, by Clark Rodeffer.
  13. Litróf, by Glenn E. Overby II. Honorable Mention
  14. Border Wars, by Jared B. McComb. 2nd Place (tie)
  15. The One Ring, by Robert Price.
  16. Life, the Universe and Everything, by João Pedro Neto. 1st Place
  17. Hitchhiker Chess, by W.D. Troyka.
  18. Chameleon Chess, by P.D. Magnus.
  19. Regulator Chess, by Samuel H. Bell. Honorable Mention
  20. Neighbors, by Rob Nierse.
  21. Bachelor Chess, by Doug Chatham.

Non-competing Games

  1. Mulligan Stew Chess, by Peter Aronson.
  2. Arena Chess 42, by David Howe.
  3. Shifting Sands, by Tony Quintanilla.
  4. Wiz-42, by Jared B. McComb.
  5. A Silly 42-Square Board, by Jared McComb.
  6. Afterlife Chess, by Luiz Carlos Campos.


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