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Mini Slanted Escalator Chess is a variant of Slanted Escalator Chess. The difference is that two rows are missing from the board. All other rules are as in Slanted Escalator Chess, see the description of that game for details and more rules.

To compensate for the board configuration slighly favoring white, black moves first in Mini Slanted Escalator Chess

Board and Setup

Mini Slanted Escalator Chess starting positions

              a    b    c    d    e    f    g    h      Black
         6  |*R**|*N**|*B**|*Q**|*K**|*B**|*N**|*R**|  6
         5  |*C**|*C**|*C**|*C**|*C**|*C**|*C**|*C**|  5
         4  \ab4 \bc4 \XXXX|    |::::|XXXX/fg4 /gh4 /  4
         3    \ab3 \bc3 \XX|::::|    |XX/fg3 /gh3 /    3
         2  |:C::| C  |:C::| C  |:C::| C  |:C::| C  |  2
         1  | R  |:N::| B  |:Q::| K  |:B::| N  |:R::|  1
              a    b    c    d    e    f    g    h      White
C stands for Crab.

The Pieces

Crabs always move exactly one square forwards, either diagonally left, straight ahead, or diagonally right. They capture like Pawns, to the left or right, and like Pawns can also make non-capturing moves to the left or right or straight ahead. Because Crabs only move 1 square at a time in Mini Slanted Escalator Chess, there is no en passant capture. Promotion in MSEC is the same as in SEC.

Please also note that just as in Slanted Escalator Chess, and Ultra Slanted Escalator Chess it is possible to use the escalator squares to wind up with two Bishops on the same color. This is also legal in Mini Slanted Escalator Chess.

Castling is the same as in the other games, it's rule is the same as in orthodox chess.


The board is obviously cramped at first and will open up as pieces exchange off with each other. SEC was designed with a variant in which Knights could not jump across the barriers. This was not considered a rule of the 'standard game' but rather as an experimental variant which players could try out. Because of the extreme cramped conditions of MSEC, anything that gives pieces extra mobility is to the game's advantage, therefore that variant is not recommended.
Game invented by David Short. Diagram by David Short. Text by Hans Bodlaender and David Short.
Webpage made: May 13, 2004.