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Popular Chess Variants, by David Pritchard

In December 1999 or January 2000, a new book by popular board game and chess author David Pritchard will appear. The book is called Popular Chess Variants. David Pritchard gives the following information on his book:
The book will be 144 pages. It is aimed at chessplayers (thus the rules of chess are not given) and will cover 20 variants - those listed below. The rules of each variant are given followed by chat, tips on play and annotated game scores (a total of about 80 - 100 I think). A final chapter is devoted to telling the reader where he can find CV literature, clubs, correspondence tourneys, software, websites etc. PCV is due to be published December/January.

  1. Extinction Chess
  2. Racing Kings
  3. Displacement Chess
  4. Randomized Chess
  5. Marseillais Chess
  6. Double-move Chess
  7. Losing Chess
  8. Progressive Chess
  9. Kriegspiel
  10. Alice Chess
  11. Triplets
  12. Avalanche Chess
  13. Hostage Chess
  14. Co-ordinate Chess
  15. Knight Relay Chess
  16. Magnetic Chess
  17. Dynamo Chess
  18. Ultima
  19. Chinese Chess
  20. Japanese Chess

David Pritchard is a well known author of chess books and other board game books. More than a million copies were sold of his books. In chess variant circles, he is best known as the author of The Encyclopedia of Chess Variants. He also is the chairman of the British Chess Variant Society.

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