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Chessapeak Challenge Tourney edition (photo's)

Chessapeak Chess is a four player chess variant. Three rows of 8 squares are added to each side of an 8 by 8 board. Special markings on some squares point out were pawns can change directions. There are four different game sets: an inexpensive pocket edition, the classic edition, the (large size) tournament edition, of which you can see some photo's below, and a luxury master's edition.

Below, you find some pictures I took with the little camera of my SGI workstation to give an impression of the set. (Some photo's are not very sharp, sorry for this.)

The Tournament edition is of impressive size. A large tube contains the big colored plastic pieces, a rollable soft-plastic board, and the rules.

The set is rather large, but not too large to be handy to play. It looks quite impressive, when set up. (The board is sized about 29 1/2'' by 29 1/2''; I'll calculate this later to centimeters, and measure also the king height later.)

Overall, the set is of high quality; its larger size and the rollable board give it its own specific distinction.

For more information, see the website of Chessapeak Games Ltd., or the description of the pocket or classic edition.

Written by Hans Bodlaender; photo's by Hans Bodlaender.
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