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Philosophers Chess Photographs

Here are some photographs of a setup for Darren Izzard's game Philosophers Chess, pieced together from my Chess Construction Set. The squares are 2 inch squares of posterboard. Most of the pieces come from my four medium sized Chess sets of the same make. You see some Bishops sitting on the side. These were used for Enlightened Philosophers. For the Philosophers, we used generic game piece pawns, which I bought for 15 cents each in a gaming store. We used a blue poker chip for the Thought. The dice along the side were used to mark the ranks of the field. A domino bone was used to mark the ranks of the mind. Half tiles along each side of the field and one side of the mind were used to mark the files. Only the ones made with a permanent marker are showing up well in the photos.

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Written by Fergus Duniho. Photographs by David Howe.
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