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Xhess Photographs

Here are some photographs of David Howe's game Xhess, pieced together from Chess Construction Set materials. The squares are 2 inch squares of colored posterboard. Most of the pieces come from my large plastic Chess set. For the Nightriders, we used knights from David's wooden Chess set. For the Cannons, we used rooks from another Chess set of mine. We drew these two pieces from different sets, so that the size of the piece would reflect its power. Nightriders are stronger than Knights, but Cannons are weaker than Rooks. David's Chess set was bigger than mine, but my other set was slightly smaller than my large one. For the Horsemen, we used pawns from David's Cardinal Super Chess set. This is because we needed ten, and my set had only eight Pawns. We couldn't use the knights from my medium sized sets, because I had only eight of those too. I had 32 medium sized pawns, but his 10 pawns from Cardinal Super Chess were bigger. So we used those. The dice along the side were used to mark the ranks. Half tiles along the white side were used to mark the files.

Written by Fergus Duniho. Photographs by David Howe.
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