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Balaklava Chess

This variant has been created in 1994 by Gianluca Vecchi, member of AISE.

The rules are simple:

Here is a self-played sample game: it has no strategical meanings, it just shows the movements of the units and a possibility of mating series using the new powers.

1. e4 e5
2. Mc3 Bcd6
3. Qf3 Bg6
4. Bc4 Qf6
5. Bcb3 Mc6
6. Mge2 M:c4
7. M:c4 Q:f3
8. g:f3 Mf6
9. Md5 Rb6
10. 000 cb5
11. Ma5 ge6
12. fg5 Mh4
13. Bc5 Ra6
14. b4 B:c5
15. M:c5 B:e4
16. Rhg1 e:d5
17. M:e5 M:h2
18. d3 Bf3
19. Re3 Bg4
20. Mg6+ Kd8
21. Rge1 R:a2
22. Re8+ R:e8
23. R:e8+ Kc7
24. Me5+ Kb6
25. dc5+ Ka6
26. Rd6+ ac6
27. Rc8 Ka7
28. Mc7+ Ka6
29. Ra8 mate.

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Written by Alessandro Castelli.
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