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Checker-Pawn Chess

By Richard D.B.M.


Checker-Pawn Chess is the usual Western Chess game played with Anglo-American Checkers/Draughts pieces instead of Pawns.


The usual Chess setup is used:


The rules to Checker-Pawn Chess are almost identical to FIDE Chess, except that the Pawns move like Checker pieces. They move diagonally forward one space at a time and capture by a short leap diagonally forward. When a Pawn reaches the other side of the board, the owning player has the choice of promoting it to either a Checkers-King or a Chess-Queen. A Pawn may make multiple captures in a single move like a Checker piece, but unlike a Checker piece, is not forced to capture.

A Checker-King is not a royal piece, but simply a Checker-Pawn that may move and capture diagonally backwards as well as forwards.

Sample Game

 White                     Black
 1.Nc3                     Nf6
 2.ed3                     Ne4
 3.f5(knight is captured)  ef6
 4.Qe2+                    Be7
 5.Qe7+                    Qe7
 6.hg3                     ab6
 7.ab3                     hg6
 8.Rh4                     Na6
 9.Ra5                     h5
10.Re5                     c5
11.Rhe4                    Qe5
12.Re5 mate

Written by Richard D.B.M. and Peter Aronson.
WWW page created: August 16th 2004.