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The Chess Variant Pages


A modest divergent chess variant from Germany. My description is taken from the booklet Schach mal anders, edited by Deutsche Schachjugend.

Board and Setup

The usual chessboard and the usual setup is used. The Knights are now Knibis' (moving without capturing as Knights, capturing as Bishops) and the Bishops are now Bisknis (moving as Bishops and capturing as Knights). All other pieces are the same as in FIDE chess.

Aim and Rules

The aim is to checkmate the other King. All rules of FIDE Chess apply. Pawns promote to the pieces in the initial setup.

About the Name

Hoppel may derive from the German verb hoppeln (to move like a hare), Poppel is just a rhyming nonsense word.


  • Uwe Wiedemann implemented Hoppel-Poppel for Zillions of Games; it is available on this site (look at the "See also" section below).
  • Deutsche Schachjugend (editors): Schach mal anders, Berlin 1996.
  • Frank Maus: Thinktank Chess.
  • Mike Nelson and Peter Aronson: Separate Realms Chess
  • V.R. Parton: The Queen's Relations in Curioser & Curioser.

Written by Jörg Knappen.
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