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This page is written by the game's inventor, Hector Carreño.


Argess - Argendrez:
Argess [[Arg(entinian) (Ch)ess]]
Argendrez [[Argen(tina) (Aje)drez]]

1) Introduction

    Argess is a variant that uses the same chessboard (8x8), same pieces (no pieces either included or excluded), they maintain the same way to move and/or capture, except the pawns (see point 2) and it respects the objective of checkmating the adversary’s king.

Comparative view of the boards with the starting positions of the white and black pieces.

 Chess                                                                   Argess


Argess introduces the innovative element that both white and black pieces have their own starting positions, therefore they have their own tactics and strategies to reach victory. The starting positions are not exchangeable between the white and black pieces.

2) Modified rule:

    The pawns keep the same way to move and capture, but in Argess they can move and capture in all directions (in 360 degrees).

                     Chess                                                                Argess


        Move                         Capture                                                    Move                      Capture

Starting positions of the white and black pawns and their respective promotion’s squares.


Note: The check marks indicate the promotion’s squares.

3) Excluded rules:

    It is obvious that the pawns have a greater offensive and defensive capability, but they cannot do the “double step”. In the Argess both castlings (long and short) were excluded from the rules.

4) Special rule:

    While in Chess the white pieces have the initiative, in the Argess the black pieces always start the game by making the first move.