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Atomic Chess

Joao Pedro Neto sent this information about Atomic Chess.

He has seen this game in the Dutch orthodox chess Server, (DICS: telnet 5000 ( 5000) ).

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The atomic chess rules are deduced by a collection of statements from friends of this game. The general ruleset follows:

  1. The normal chess rules are valid.
  2. Whenever a piece is captured, the capturing piece is removed and all pieces on the immediate horizontal, vertical and diagonal neighbour fields.
  3. Pawns are exceptions to rule 2. They are not destroyed by adjacent explosions, but cause explosions that destroy themselves when capturing other pawns and pieces.
  4. Explosions are non-recursive, meaning that only the pieces on the immediate neighbour fields are removed, not pieces in further distance (no avalanche effect).
  5. It is illegal to blow up your own King, even if that destroys the opponent King as well.

These rules imply that the King may never capture a hostile piece, avoiding his own explosion.

Hint: Watch the Knights!


Johan Kokur wrote:
What happens if you skip rule 3. So pawns explode too when they capture something. Is there a forced win or not ? It is not so easy.

Rules collected and described by Klaus Knopper, Atomic chess implemented by connex 27.11.1995

The text apparently is taken from the documentation from DICS, written by Klaus Knopper. Some small modifications were made by Hans Bodlaender. Thanks to Johan Kokur for informing about Vlasov's website.
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