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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, AaronBlack.


Kinds of pieces

M - Man - Move , Capture

S - Soldier - Move 1 forward, then you take another turn

D - Doubler - Move , All pieces in moves double on its turn

C - Changer - Move , All pieces in change into your color

P - Push - Move , Can push pieces when it's moving, can capture by pushing piece off the board

H - Castle - Can't move by itself, can't be captured by a Man, on your turn if you have no Castles you can put down a castle your color on a empty square, can move if there is a King of your own color in

K - King - Move , Capture , when there is a Castle of your own color on the board the the only way you can move and capture is , and only toward your castle. If there is any castle in then the king can move and capture as a rook in chess

W - Warrior - Move , Capture , any piece of any color in can capture

O - Opposer - Move , or can change 1 piece in to your opponent's color

Z - Wizard - Move , and then if you are next to a opponent's piece , move until you are not next to an opponent's piece. Or you can change 1 piece in of any color in this list into the next piece in this list: D,C,P,W,O,D

B - Boss - Moves and captures as a queen in chess, or can make a king of your own color anywhere in , or change any Boss in into a King, or if you are on the edge of the board, you can do the normal move or move or capture as a knight in chess.

Special rules

Soldier rule - When you move a Soldier, your soldier-counter increses by 1. If your soldier-counter is 4, then the Soldiers can't move and you end your turn. At the begining of ech players turn, both soldier-counters set back to 0. Also, insted of moving and 1turn, you can switch your Soldier with another Soldier different color at 1 place in .

Losing - You lose if you can't do anything on your turn.

Winning - You win if your opponent's first row if filled with all your Soldiers, and you still have a King.

Increasing movement - If there is no Soldiers or Kings left on the board, then the game is: First player 1 turn, Second player 2 turns, First player 3 turns, Second player 1 turn, First player 2 turns, Second player 3 turns, repeat, repeat ,,,...,.,.

War - If there is no more pieces on the board that can take other pieces, (no W,w,K,k,M,m) then all pieces can move and capture as a queen in chess.

Boss rule - If the only pieces left on the board are M,m,H,h then all pieces change into a Boss.


The board is 10 rows and 9 columns



In this example the 'Z' can move diagonal and then over. The # shows were the 'Z' can go.

In this example the 'K' can move normally, but can only move toward the 'H' if there is an 'H'. When it's next to the 'H' then the king can move as a rook in chess. The # shows were the 'K' can go, the % shows were the 'H' can go, the * shows were either piece can go.

This example shows the Doubler. The 'c' can't change the 'D' into 'd' because it must move double on its turn. The 'c' can move anywhere that the # is.

This is the example of the Boss.

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Written by Aaron Black.
WWW page created: October 30, 2002.