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This page is written by one of the game's inventor, Topher Gayle.

Chicken Chess

By Topher Gayle and Tom Tracy



My friend and I created a new variant. In essence, it combines Benedict chess with Suicide chess. We call it Chicken Chess, and it was implemented in January 2006 at  








The game uses standard chess pieces, on a standard chess board, in the standard initial positions.

1) When a piece is moved, it flips the color of all threatened opponents' pieces (as in Benedict). 

2) If a piece can capture an opponent's piece, it must do so (as in Suicide). After the capture, all newly threatened opponent's pieces are flipped (as in Benedict). 

3) Winning is accomplished by losing all your pieces first (as in Suicide). 

4) En Passant is legal (as in suicide). 

5) Castling is legal, and may be done anytime the intervening squares are unoccupied (as in Benedict). 

6) Promoted pawns flip opposing pieces in the move that the promotion takes place (as in Benedict). Pawns may promote to any piece, including king (as in Suicide).

Computer Play

Implemented at Schemingmind in January 2006.