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First Syllabus on Xiangqi - Chinese Chess 1

David Li wrote a book on Xiangqi (Chinese Chess), titled David Li sent us the following information on his book.
First Syllabus on Xiangqi - Chinese Chess 1
Date of publication:
January 1996
Pages, etc.:
136 pages, 6 x 9 softcover, 83 diagrams, 40 cases, 6 charts
A fully annotated game from the 1994 UK Xiangqi Championship, 11 pages with 8 diagrams; a fully annotated game from the 4th World Xiangqi Championship, held in Singapore in September 1995 (I was there as an observer), 15 pages with 11 diagrams.
Other info:
Uses terms promulgated by the World Xiangqi Federation. $1 of each copy of the book will be donated to the WXF for further promotion of Xiangqi. I was in Beijing to hand deliver a copy of the book, on 24 January, to the executive vice president of WXF. The book is available at £ 12 (or its equivalent in any European currency), airpost prepaid, from Premier Publishing Company, P O Box 341267, Bethesda MD 20827, USA. Personal cheque is okay.

ISBN: 0963785257.

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Written by David Li and Hans Bodlaender.
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