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Photos of Handmade Magnetic Chinese Chess Set

Here are some photos of a magnetic Chinese Chess set I made out of checkers from two magnetic Chess/Checker sets, the board from one, and stickers I made by photocopying board and piece images onto sticker paper. I got the board and piece images from the front of H. T. Lau's book Chinese Chess. While still at the copy center, I used the equipment there to cut out the board, carefully cutting a straight line down the middle of the river, because the board I was going to apply it to is a folding box board. I then applied one half of the board to each half of the magnetic chessboard, carefully alinging both halves and making sure I covered up all the squares on the chessboard. I spent a few hours at home cutting out the pieces and putting them on checkers while watching TV.

Click on a thumbnail to view the fullsize image.

This picture shows the board without any pieces. The board on the right shows what the board looked like before I applied stickers of the Chinese Chess board onto it. The box behind the left board is the one the right board came in. It is mostly the same as the other box. Both sets are the same brand of magnetic Chess/Checker sets. Each one cost me only about $3.00 at Rite-Aid.

This picture shows the pieces on the boards. The Chinese Chess pieces are checkers with stickers on them. The Chess pieces are from one of the sets. I now keep both Chess sets with one board and the checkers with the Chinese Chess board.

Written by Fergus Duniho. Photos by David Howe.
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