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This page is written by the game's inventor, Ralph Betza.

The Cylindrical Cinders

The Cylindrical Cinders are a team from the world of Cylindrical Chess, but they can play in the same game as the Fabulous FIDEs or any of the other standard teams.

The Pawns and King are standard, and do not see the board as the cylindrical board.

The Rooks are replaced by Waffles, but of course these are cylindrical Waffles; thus, from h1, an oWoA can go to h1 or to b3 in addition to its normal (non-cylindrical) destinations of f3, h2, and g1.

The Knights are cylindrical Knights, oN.

The Bishops are cylindrical Bishops, oB. Experienced players of Cylindrical Chess believe that the oB is worth almost as much as a normal (non-cylindrical) Rook.

The Queen is a cylindrical Chancellor, oRoN.

Although it is believed that the Cylindrical Cinders are the same strength as the Fabulous FIDEs or the Remarkable Rookies or the other teams, they have not been extensively playtested.

Because they have not been extensively playtested, you have the chance to be a pioneer....

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