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Any Old CV with Different Armies

That's right, you can take any Chess Variant and play it with different armies; or at least you can take any Chess Variant that uses the standard set of pieces (the "Fabulous Fide" team) and do so.

Because of my interest in the values of chess pieces, I am especially interested in the cases where the game would be broken; for example, if you play Cylindrical Chess where one player uses the Colorbound Clobberers, and the other player uses the Remarkable Rookies, in theory the Clobberers should gain more from the cylindrical chessboard and should win because of that.

If you play Scottish or Progressive Chess with different armies, I think that perhaps the Forfnifurlrurking from the Nutty Knights might be too strong (but who knows?).

Using the standard different armies, you can play any of the Variants where you also move pieces of your opponent, Multi-move variants, Rules about the board, most of the Winning in a different way games and the Different opening setups games, and even the Taking in a different way games and the Other variants games.

Wow! That's a lot of choices. I should tell you which ones I think are most likely to be interesting, shouldn't I?

No, I shouldn't. I think that in every case it is more interesting to play with different armies than with the same army.

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