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This page is written by the game's inventor, PaulDeWitte.

Bastille Chess

By Paul DeWitte


This chess variant was developed for use with members of the Notre Dame School Chess Club in Kitchener, Ontario.


The game uses the standard 8X8, 64-cell board.


The pieces are set up in their standard opening positions.


Standard FIDE chess pieces are used in this game. Pieces possess their regular moves. However, no pieces are royal.


A player wins by being the first to expel his opponent from his four-square palace. If Black is first to have no piece occupying the d8, e8, d7, and e7 area, White wins. If White is first to have no piece in the d1, e1, d2, and e2 area, Black wins.

Kings are not royal; the game continues even if one or both Kings have been captured.

Castling is permitted. Pawns promote. En passant captures are legal.


Standard chess equipment is used.