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This page is written by the game's inventor, Robert Atkinson.

Suicide Void Chess

by Robert Atkinson



The rules for this variant are the same as Suicide Chess (or Giveaway Chess) with the following exceptions:

The game starts with the Black player placing an object on any one unoccupied square. Then White moves first as normal. This object (we usually use a quarter) represents a void in the board. No piece can land on the void square. After any piece is captured, the player that made the capture must move the piece representing the void to a different unoccupied square. 


The opening setup is as in standard Chess


All pieces move as in standard Chess, with the following exceptions.

The King plays no special role in the game, and can be taken as any other piece. There is no check or checkmate.

Pawns may also promote to Kings.

Only a Knight may move over the void square. 

An object, such as a coin, is used to represent the void square.


Basic Suicide Chess rules:

Special rules for this variant:


The special rules seem to add a lot of variation to Suicide Chess and make the game remarkably unpredictable. 

Playing Tips

Both sides have the ability to recover based on proper void placement.


Standard Chess equipment.

Written by Robert Atkinson. Edited by Tony Quintanilla.
WWW page created: December 26, 2002.