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Alfaerie Expansion Set 5

Welcome to expansion set 5! This set is a another group effort, that group being Christine Bagley-Jones, Michael Howe, Jeremy Good and Joe Joyce. Looking over the pieces, there is such an assortment, that I am basically going to list them in two sections: Misc. and Shogi-based. Many thanks to the above group of folks, especially the tireless Christine.

Download the expansion set in a single .zip file:



Bishop 2



Diplomat 2

Elephant 2 Up1

Elephant Warmachine Moon

Elephant Warmachine 2

Elephant Warmachine 3

Elephant Up1

Envoy 2


Friendly Orphan

Gorgona 2

Great Warmachine Wazir

Hero 2


High Priestess 2


Knight Warmachine 2

Knight Warmachine Wazir 2

Medusa 2

Orphan Friend



Warmachine Moon

Warmachine Up1

General 2

Blind Monkey

Blind Tiger

Chinese Cock

Coiled Serpent

Drunken Elephant

Evil Wolf

Ferocious Leopard

Iron General

Old Monkey

Reclining Dragon

Stone General

Tile General

GraphicCreated by
Battlement, Bishop 2, Cavalry, Deacon, Diplomat 2, Envoy 2, General 2, Gorgona 2, Hero, Hero 2, Juggernaut, Medusa2, Parapet, Swordsman Michael Howe
Friend, Friendlyorphan, Orphanfriend, Orphanlyfriend Jeremy Good
High Priestess 2, Knight Warmachine Wazir 2, Knight Warmachine 2 Joe Joyce
All others Christine Bagley-Jones

Compiled by David Howe. Graphics created by Christine Bagley-Jones, Joe Joyce, Michael Howe, and Jeremy Good.
WWW page created: August 13, 2006.