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Hexagonal chess - problem 4 - Solution

Mate in two moves

White to play and mate in two moves

This is the fourth of a set of four problems, in a problem solving contest of January/February 2001.

This problem was composed by K. Berthomeau, R. Loiseau, and prof. J. Boyer.

The solution is:

1.Ng5-e7! threatens 2.g10N#, b7N#.
If 1...Rxe7, 2.g10S#. If 1... Bxe7 b7N#.

A second solution?

Alfred Pfeiffer found a second solution:
1. Ng5-i6, threatens 2. Bh9-f10#
if 1... Rl2-f7 2. Bh9:f7#
I verified my source, but I think I did the diagram right. (White Kb5, Nd6, Ng5, Bc6, Be9, Bh9, p.b6,g9; Black Ke8, Rl1, Bb1, p. g4,i7.) I also think both solutions are correct.
Written by Hans Bodlaender.
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