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This page is written by the game's inventor, Adam Norberg.

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Anonymous wrote on 2002-04-10 UTC
Leaving rubble pieces behind as the TronQueen slides is the problematic
part, because (and I've run into this problem again and again) there's no
(direct) way to generate a move that creates more than one piece.

The solution that leaps to mind is to have so-called 'empty' squares be
dummy pieces with no images, and turn multiple ones into Walls at the
appropriate time (which is also problematic, but doable).  That's probably
what I'll have to do, but it means reimplementing all the Chess moves so
that chess pieces are trading places with dummy pieces instead of moving to
empty squares.  Capturing means trading places with the captured piece and
turning it into a dummy.  There are lots of things that could go wrong and
strange bugs that would surface.

The two-board approach meant that the dummies could cover the underboard
while the chess pieces moved about on the overboard.  When you play the
game, you only see one board.  The second board occupies the same pixels. 
It's just an implementation device.

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