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David Paulowich wrote on 2010-08-15 UTC
Running Tournament Filter: gamecourier4 will assign ratings and 
further demonstrate Carlos Cetina's accomplishment here.  Congratulations!
I may not have time to play many games on this site, but I am planning 
to post a few Game Courier presets (that I have already promised).
Name                         Userid  GCR          Percent GCR1 GCR2
Carlos Cetina                 sissa 1728 16.5/18 = 91.67% 1710 1746 
Jose Carrillo        j_carrillo_vii 1604 12.0/18 = 66.67% 1586 1622 
Vitya Makov                makov333 1590 11.0/18 = 61.11% 1580 1599 
Armin Liebhart              lunaris 1562 11.5/18 = 63.89% 1529 1594 
Fergus Duniho                fergus 1533 10.0/18 = 55.56% 1521 1545 
Thomas McElmurry           crazytom 1500  8.5/18 = 47.22% 1492 1507 
Joe Joyce                  joejoyce 1467  2.5/06 = 41.67% 1469 1465 
Sam Trenholme         sam_trenholme 1383  1.0/06 = 16.67% 1389 1378 
je ju                      jejujeju 1310  3.0/18 = 16.67% 1286 1334 
Nicholas Wolff       nickwolffrated 1306  2.0/18 = 11.11% 1284 1329

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