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Platonic Chess. Platonic solids in a complete 10x10 chessboard.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Albert Lee wrote on 2021-06-28 UTC

Thanks, Ben.

The new layout of the piece descriptions looks good. I have added more comments in the checkmate section on how the tetrahedrons can also be checkmated by forking and skewering them, provided the attacking piece is not captured in the next move and the attack cannot be blocked.

While checkers pieces can be used as pawns, I thought it would be easier for the average chess player to use actual pawn pieces if they are familiar with chess already. I've added a note in the equipment section to clarify this.

I have added a few words in the pawn promotion section to emphasize that the promotions are only for capture. I hope it is clearer now. I also added some comments on how advancing the pawn to the last rank like orthodox chess may not be the best idea since it will not be able to advance passively anymore.

In theory, a single pawn or a Platonic solid piece can checkmate the opponent by forking the two Tetrahedrons. So there will always be enough material to checkmate the opponent as long as you have a Platonic solid piece or a Pawn that is not stuck at the last rank. I mention some of the possible forks and skewers in the checkmate section. Beyond that, I haven't gotten into any in-depth mating material analysis yet.