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This is the Large Variant Contest Voter Feedback Page.

Stats last updated on 31 July 1999 (am).


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Total Rating for each Game

Names of the games are deliberately not included so as not to cause undue influence on the voting. The purpose of the chart is to give people an idea of the relative standings of all the entries. Each bar represents the total rating for one entry. All ratings are normalized so that the lowest total rating is zero.

Number of Voters


Average Rating


Number of Entries Voted On

    37 (all)

Votes Cast so far

   138 Excellent
    98 Good
    97 No Opinion
   120 Flawed
   453 Total


The Winner of the May 5th raffle is... JR Schmidt!

The Winner of the May 7th raffle is... Yoon Choi!

The Winner of the May 12th raffle is... Vu Vo!

The Winner of the May 18th raffle is... Rich VanDeventer!

The Winner of the May 25th raffle is... J.L Cazaux!

The Winner of the May 29th raffle is... Ruggero Micheletto!

The Winner of the June 10th raffle is... Ed Pegg Jr.!

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