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This page is written by the game's inventor, Dennis Matthews.

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Three Player Chess

The 3 player chess board is made up of 217 hexagons (cells) that link together to make one big hexagon there are three coloured cells, 72 white, 72 black and 73 red. The board has nine cells along each side.

Each player has a white cell at the bottom right and a black cell at the bottom left. Each player starts the game with a normal set of pieces with the addition of one extra bishop and eleven extra pawns. The pieces are set out as shown above with the extra bishop inbetween the King and the Queen.

Each player also has new piece called the Death piece. The Death piece starts the game off board and must be earned by putting another player in checkmate.

White always moves first with black playing second and red moving third. Play continues White, Black, Red until one player is eliminated. Then play alternates between the two remaining players. There is never a situation where one player moves twice.

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By Dennis Matthews.
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