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The Ladon slides maximally two steps in all directions, but it cannot capture in this way. Instead the Ladon has the power to repulse any piece that is being approached, when the Ladon stops next to it. The piece is repulsed one square in the alignment direction. In case of a pawn, it cannot be pushed back to the first rank, that is, the second rank is the limit. In case of a friendly pawn, it can be pushed to the promotion square. The enemy pawn can also be pushed to its promotion square, and is then promoted to a queen, as only option. A piece can also be repulsed to a square occupied by an enemy piece, whereby the piece is captured. The Ladon's value is the same as knight (preliminary estimate). Try to use the Ladon to dislocate enemy pieces, rendering them useless for the moment. Also try to repulse important enemy pawns from strong positions in the centre. The Ladon can also be used for advancing the friendly pawns diagonally.

Ladon : the hundred-headed dragon that guarded the garden of the Hesperides in Greek mythology. He is variously described as the offspring of Phorcys or of Typhon and Echidna. It was said that his heads spoke with a multitude of voices in many languages.

A Zillions program and more information is here.

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