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This page is written by the game's inventor, M Winther.

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In Neoteric Chess (N-chess) one extra piece per player is placed in the reserve. The piece is automatically introduced at the position that is first left vacant when a piece leaves its initial square. The piece that first moves will also bring the external piece into play, so it is a double-move, comparable to castling.

Neoteric Chess is also a relocation variant. Before play begins, Black can decide the initial positions of the kings, and White can then decide the initial positions of the queens. The positions must mirror each other. Neoteric Chess is like standard chess except that the players can, before play begins, swap places of the king + queen and another piece. The king may not swap with any of the rooks. The queen can be swapped with one of the rooks provided that the king remains between the rooks (this is a requirement of Chess960).

More information, and a Zillions implementation, here.

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