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Zhou Xia:;id=1109

'Zhou' and 'Xia' are 2 different games, described as follows.

Zhou - This game has some very powerful pieces described as follows.

* 'CapricornKing' moves like a bishop hook-mover, and a King. This means it has a 'double bishop' move. On an empty board, at a1, it could go to every dark colored square on the board. (this piece in ancient shogi variants is called the 'Capricorn' but it cannot move as a King. I have made it move as a King so they cannot be so easily exchanged. In these ancients variants they normally play on a much larger board).
* 'DestroyerQueen' moves like a Queen, Cannon and Vao.
* 'CannonKing' moves like a Cannon and King
* 'VaoKing' moves like a Vao and King
* 'Pegasus' moves like a Knight, Alfil and King.
* Pawns promote on the 8th rank to General (moves as a King).

Xia - plays with CannonKing, VaoKing, MaoKing and XiangKing (chinese chess elephant). all these pieces have the additional move of the king. pawns promote on 8th to general (moves as a king).

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