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3D Chess variant by William L. D’Agostino:

Over the years, there have been numerous attempts to develop rules for three dimensional (3D) chess using three standard 8 by 8 chess boards (8x8x3), however, many of these games suffered from major problems that distracted the players from the essential characteristics of traditional chess. Some of these 3D chess variations created new chess pieces while others 3D rules imposed mandatory or unusual moves. In addition, these “rules” were generally incomplete causing inconsistent interpretations. None of these game variations offered a truly playable chess game.

Because of the lack of playable rules, the Millennium Three Dimensional Chessä chess rules were written with the objective of extending the traditional chess game into a multilevel environment without distorting the basic game. To this end, Millennium Three Dimensional Chessä has not “created” new chess rules, but instead extended the traditional rules to allow for multiboard play. Other than the concept of moving between chess boards (levels), all traditional two dimensional chess rules apply.

Millennium 3D Chess (tm):

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