Chess Problems of 1001 Years Ago

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The right way to check: Solution

King d3; General a3; Rook b3, f3; Knight d2; Elephant c5, h3; Pawns d4, f4, g5, h4. (11 pieces).

King d1; Rook c8, e8; Knight a4, d5; Elephant a6; Pawns f5, g6, h5. (9 pieces).

Black to play and win.

Black sacrifices both rooks and a knight.

1. ..., R e8-e3 +
2. E c5 x e3, ... (If 2. R f3 x e5, N d5 x f4 is mate.)
2. ... , R c8 - c3 +
3. R b3 x c3, N d5 - b4 +
4. G a3 x b4, N a4 - b2, mate.

Position after 4. ..., N a4-b2.

Alternatively, black can play 3. ..., N a4-b2 +. 4. G a3 x b2, N d5-b4 mate.

Written by Hans Bodlaender.
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