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In the Autumn 1999 issue of Variant Chess, there is a description of John Beasley of a weekend in Geneva, organized by Fabrice Liardet, where 18 players participated in several chess variant games, including a Double Bughouse tournament.

One of the games, described in this article and played in this weekend is Stupidhouse.


The rules of Double Bughouse (or Tandem Chess) are followed, but with the following differences:
The players of a team have pieces of the same color. When a player takes a piece of his opponent, he gives the piece to his partner, that must place the piece on the board instead of making a normal move.


Beasley writes on this game:
This is a really stupid game, and panic-stricken instructions to partners not to do so-and-so could be heard echoing round the room.
Indeed, this is one of the wilder chess variants, but quite suitable for an evening of chess fun. 
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