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The Piececlopedia is intended as a scholarly reference concerning the history and naming conventions of pieces used in Chess variants. But it is not a set of standards concerning what you must call pieces in newly invented games.

King Battler

The King Battler is a fantasy chess piece, that has been invented by Modest Solans, for use in chess variant games, and fairy chess problems.

The description below is taken from his booklet Heraldic Chess.


The King Battler moves and takes pieces at any distance diagonally, vertically or horizontally, that is, in the same way as that of the Queen from the latter part of the 15th century (until then named Alfferza: Ancient, Ensign, Standard-bearer, which moved only one square diagonally). Obviously, some limitation have to be imposed on this King, so quick and strong, otherwise he would be practically invulnerable upon the board. When checked, the King Battler, on fleeing, he can only move one step or square in any direction, the same as the Classic King, unless he decides to take a piece, whether it be the one threatening him or another one. In any case, in his following turn in the game, all his strength for moving and taking is recuperated, unless of course he is checked again.

Said limitation is unnecessary, optional, playing with cards or dice. Note also that, when playing chess with cards, the player whose King, Classic or Battler, has received check, can risking a great deal, and more so if jokers are being used, or turning his necessity into boldness sustain the threat speculating on the possibility that it is a bluff, and that his opposer does not have the card necessary to carry out the checkmate. It is even possible to win and of course to lose King against King, face to face.

Printed in Spain
Graficas Zaidin (Granada)
Deposito Legal GR-7-1994
Copyright 1993, by Modest Solans
9, Dr. Oliva Street - 18500 Guadix, Granada, Spain

Under Berne and Universal Copyright Conventions.

In other words: the King Battler moves and takes as a normal chess queen, except when it is checked: when in check, the King Battler moves as a usual chess king, unless the King Battler takes a piece when in check: in the latter case it also moves as a chess king.

Written by Modest Solans; some comments by Hans Bodlaender.
WWW page created: November 24, 1998.