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Ministers Chess

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Proprietary game on a large board.

The inventor is Professor Michael J. Corinthios. As he explains, "Apart from a few exceptions, stemming from the newly introduced symmetry and the larger size of the board, MINISTERS (TM)'s official rules are the same as those of conventinal chess. They were created with the utmost respect for the teachings, tradition and history of chess. This is the essence of MINISTERS (TM) CHESS. It is the perfection of symmetry while deviating the least from the traditional Western chess."

I am pleased that an actual set is now readily available for families to enjoy.

I have implemented (5/15/02) the inventor's rule that the king be allowed to move over either two or three squares in castling. This contrasts with other 9 x 9 games.

Ministers Chess -- Professor Michael Corinthios

Chess Variants

These are simple illustrations rather than strong opponents.

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