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This page is written by the game's inventor, Stephane Burkhart.

Beginners Chess

"Beginners Chess" intends to teach beginners the respective characteristic moves of 1) Pawns and Knights 2) Bishops and Rooks 3) Queens and Kings through three little games.
But the rules of winning have slightly changed, making it also interesting for "grown up" players !


Usual Chess Board


Usual Chess Pieces, but with only part of them involved in the games


1) The first game "Pawns and Knights", in addition to showing the moves, consists in bring one little Pawn on the opposite side (a sort of promotion) to win the game.

In the future, I think to add the win-condition "capturing all the ennemy Pawns", and stalemate condition "remains only Pawns which are blocked with one another"

2) the second game "Bishops and Rooks" (available as a variant in the ZoG file), the objective, in addition to showing the moves, is to capture any one piece from the ennemy. It trains you to avoid pinning your pieces, and placing them strategically
I intend to add another variant of this sub-game, by requiring to bring both one Bishop and one Rook to the opposite side. But this time with no capture, just impeding the ennemy to go ahead by forbiding to cross control lines of a piece on the ennemy side (a cone region for Bishops, a square region for Rooks). But difficult to developp in ZoG I suspect

3) the third game "Queens and Kings", has for objective to bring one's King to the opposite side, or to checkmate the ennemy King.


The games seem to play well in ZoG, but any comment is welcome on the "playability" of the games
S Burkhart- 2014

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By Stephane Burkhart.
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