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This page is written by the game's inventor, Stephane Burkhart.

Companion Chess

This variant enhances pieces movements by allowing them to follow a companion piece adjacent to it, according to the simple rules stated below. It has nothing to do with the kinds of Fusion or Merging chess, where pieces acquire the ability to capture with the other piece capability. Here, only movement are impacted.


Usual setup is involved as in standard Chess


Usual sets of men are also used.


1/ Any piece adjacent to a friendly piece may acquire temporaly the movement ability of the latter, being translated with it.

2/ The trajectory of the accompaning piece must not cross another piece to be valid, although this is allowed if the guiding piece is a knight (the piece jumps as a rider above other pieces).

3/ Only one piece at a time can be accompanied.

4/ Capture is done individually with each own piece ability.

5/ The only exceptions are the King, which can't be taken with by neighboring fellows, and a promoting Pawn if it would end on the last row during transportation.

The Game is ended by Checkmating the opponent King, or by Draw.


Pairs of complementary companions (Rook+Bishop,...) are taken faster to strategic squares on the board.

Pieces can move by keeping their protection (Knight supported by Pawn).

I see theis game as being operated by small units of companions, much more mobile as in standard game.

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By Stephane Burkhart.
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