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This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniil Frolov.

Hecatomb promotion

Inspired by Hecatomb chess and ancient large shogi variants. In these shogi variants pieces promotes by capturing. So, why not make game with promotion by moving without capturing?


8x8 board. Kings on thier standart opening squares. Other squares are filled with queens (white queens on ranks 1-4).


King and queen are same as in standart chess. There is no castling. When queens moves WITHOUT capturing, they promotes to elephants (used in another Hectomb chess variant). Elephants moves like queens and knightriders. Knightrider can make several knight's moves in same direction if suares it lands on are empty (last square may, of course, be occuppied by opponent's piece).


Same as in chess.


Probably, not much different from original Hecatomb and Elephant hecatomb.

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