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This page is written by the game's inventor, Piotr Smagacz.

Lively chess

In Lively Chess, all the rules of traditional chess apply, with the difference that the pieces: rook, bishop and queen can, in their first move,
pass through a friendly pawn and land on the square behind it. During this move, you cannot capture your opponent's pieces.
You cannot pass through a friendly pawn in subsequent moves, you can only do so in the first move. Additionally, pawns can jump over
friendly pieces during their first move two squares.

Lively Chess can be played with additional optional rules:
1. The pawn can jump over a friendly piece during its first move two squares. This is a basic rule in Lively Chess, but players can opt out of it.
2. The knight has an additional special move.
Special move: The knight can move without capturing an enemy piece two squares horizontally or vertically, provided that there is a friendly
pawn between the target square and the knight. The player can make a special move with the knight at any time during the game.
Players can add this rule to the game.  

en passant
This rule applies in the game except when a pawn jumps over a friendly piece. In this situation, we do not apply the en passant rule,
the opponent can only capture the piece that the pawn jumped over.

Lively Chess – another variant
In this variant, the pieces: rook, bishop and queen can, in their first move, pass through any friendly piece
without capturing the opponent's piece and land on the square behind it.

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