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This page is written by the game's inventor, Larry Smith.

Mad Queen Shogi

The game uses the same pieces, board and setup of the Mad Queen variant(FIDE). Though all the pieces may be White with the addition of each sitting upon Red or Black Checkers to denote ownership.

Order of play can be determined by the location of the King, the first player being the one with the King to the right of the Queen. Though players could opt for a setup where both Kings are similarly located.

Play is the same as the Mad Queen variant, except that a captured piece may be re-introduced to a vacant cell of the playing field as a turn.

When a Pawn freely promotes, this new piece may be placed on two Checkers to indicate that it is a promoted Pawn. Such pieces when captured are demoted to Pawns before being re-introduced to the playing field.

Re-introduction, or drops, can occur anywhere on the playing field except for the following restrictions for Pawns. Pawns cannot be re-introduced on the last rank. And each player cannot have more than eight Pawns on the field.

Pawns can be placed on files containing other friendly Pawns. Any Pawn is allowed to exercise its two-step privilege when it is located on its second rank.


The restriction of a Pawn being dropped for checkmate in Shogi may be applied to this game. Though it might be un-necessary, as the movement of the Mad Queen Pawn is quite different from the Shogi Pawn and thus the dynamics of the game are quite different. Players can decide.

Pawn promotions can be taken from the opponent's 'hand', off-board supply of captured pieces. Such promoted pieces are removed from play when captured and demoted back to Pawn.

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By Larry L. Smith.
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