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This page is written by the game's inventor, Jeremy Gardiner.

Monte Carlo Chess

Named in honour of the Monte Carlo method. Player with the move enumerates all legal moves and chooses one at random from the list.
Can be played as standard chess, or any selected variant, with either one or both players playing Monte Carlo style.
There is no connection with the Monte Carlo chess tournament.


Standard, or any selected variant.


Standard, or any selected variant.


Standard, or any selected variant.


The celebrated paper Prog ramming a Computer for Playing Chess by Claude E. Shannon (1949) describes the strategy of selecting moves at random.

Playing Tips

All legal moves should be enumerated on an equal basis, including special moves (castling, en passant).

Computer Play

Some chess programs provide a capability for random play.


A means of selecting a random move, such as dice or a pocket calculator with a random number function.

Sample Game

1. e2-e3a7-a6
2. b1-c3g7-g6
3. c3-e4g6-g5
4. g1-e2d7-d6
5. e2-g3c8-h3
6. f2-f4f7-f6
7. d2-d4h3-d7
8. d1-h5mate

Note that typical games may be much longer than the sample shown, involving extended trade of pieces and resulting in a draw.

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