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This page is written by the game's inventor, Larry Smith.

Necromancer Chess

Necromancer Chess
by L. Lynn Smith

The rules of the Mad Queen variant apply except where noted.


The Queen is now the Necromancer and may leap to any empty cell on the field. It does not attack but is able to 'resurrect' captured friendly pieces to a vacant cell adjacent as a turn.

'Resurrected' pieces are then considered 'undead' and denoted with a token(red checkers are great). These pieces can now convert a 'live' enemy to an 'undead' friendly. Such conversion is done as a turn without movement along the lines of the 'undead' piece's normal attack. For example, an 'undead' bishop can convert an enemy piece which is located any distance on an open diagonal.

'Live' pieces attack one another normally. But to capture an 'undead' there needs to be at least two pieces attacking it. One will perform the actual capture. And, yes, one of these attacking pieces can be 'undead'.

'Undead' pieces attack one another normally. Captured 'undead' are removed permanently from play.

The 'live' King may be captured only if it can be immediately resurrected by its player as an 'undead' King, else it is considered in check and must act accordingly. The 'undead' King requires at least two 'live' enemies to affect check and/or mate but a single 'undead' enemy can accomplish this. 

Promotion for 'live' Pawns is normal. 'Undead' Pawns are promoted to 'live' pieces.


A few pointers:

1. Capture or convert an opponent's Necromancer. If it is captured, the opponent is unable to reclaim it and is no longer able to resurrect its captured pieces, unless they have another Necromancer on the field. Converted it is now working for the player.

2. Control lines of attack with the 'undead'.

3. It may prove advantageous to sacrifice a 'live' piece so that it may be resurrected as 'undead'.

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By Larry L. Smith.
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