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This page is written by the game's inventor, Tony Quintanilla.

Net Chess

This game allows pieces to move to the grid intersections and between intersections.


Standard setup.

Board graphic by David Howe.


Standard pieces.


All standard rules apply, except as follows: In addition to their normal moves, any piece, except the King, may move from its square to one of the intersections that are the corners of its square. Any piece on an intersection may move either to any other empty intersection, or to one of the squares that the intersection is a corner of -- if it is empty. Notes: A Pawn moving from an intersection to the 8th rank does not promote. Pawns on the 1st rank cannot make a double move; Pawns must be on the 2nd rank to make the double move. A piece on an intersection does not block moves along a diagonal which crosses that intersection, such as a Queen's, Bishop's or King's move, or a Pawn capture.


This game makes me think of Star Trek warp movement. Moving to or between intersections, or the "net", is like being in warp drive. Pieces can only move using intersections, to capture they must be in normal space. Movement from intersection to intersection is available to all pieces regardless of their type. The Kings are the exception, because that would mean leaving the board, which would be tantamount to resigning the game! Also, from a practical point of view, allowing the King to move into the intersections would make checkmate impossible.

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By Tony Quintanilla.
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