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This page is written by the game's inventor, (zzo38) A. Black.

Pawn Shooter Chess

This game was invented by my brother when he was bored.


Same as normal chess.


Note: When you move a piece, it pushes whatever it hits (exception: horse). You can also push your own pieces. You can push more that 1 at a time. If you push a piece off the board, it is destroyed.

-King: Moves like chess king. If you sacrifice a pawn, you can throw the pawn at someone who is up to 3 spaces away from you in any direction. It doesn't have to be in a straight line, and you can throw over your own pieces.

-Queen: Moves like chess king. You can sacrifice up to 2 pawns to destroy all pieces that are in a radius of the queen that is equal to how many pawns you sacrificed.

-Horse(knight): Moves 2 spaces in any direction. Does not have to go in a straight line. Can jump over pieces. May destroy any piece it hits.

-Swordsman(bishop): Moves like chess king. Can attack anyone within 2 spaces of it in any direction. Does not have to be a straight line.

-Cannon(rook): Moves like a chess king. If you sacrifice a pawn, you can shoot anyone within a straight line of you. The Cannon then moves back in the opposite direction it shot one space. If this causes it to fall off the board, it is destroyed.


-The rules of check and checkmate this apply in this game.

-If you destroy a pawn(yours or your opponents(pushing it off the board counts as destroying it)) it goes into your inventory. You can then use the pawn as ammo. You can still use the pawns on the board, though, as long as they are yours.

-If both players have no more field or inventory pawns left, both players get 8 pawns into their inventory.

-You can always destroy your own pieces, and must if you hit them.


This game is fun, but doesn't last long.

There is also the variant Pawn Shooter Chess, played by these rules:
- Pawns also move like chess kings and push.
- You cannot reverse your opponent's last move.
- A cannon/rook always destroys itself when it shoots, rather than moving backwards.

This variant is the one that I played.

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By (zzo38) A. Black.
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