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This page is written by the game's inventor, (zzo38) A. Black.


Based on an idea my father had, where pieces change type after they moved. This game uses that idea but it is a different game.



(The original setup for this game omitted the "P" (pawns) but I then added the pawns later. In my opinion the variant with pawns is better)



The rules for who wins are:
  1. Any player with no kings loses.
  2. Any player with no legal moves loses.
  3. Any player who causes a repeated position 3 times loses.
  4. Any player who captures 5 opponent kings wins (doesn't count if the kings changed to different kind of pieces before they are captured).


A Zillions file is available at:
Requires Z_GenImg library, which can be downloaded at:

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By (zzo38) A. Black.
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