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This page is written by the game's inventor, (zzo38) A. Black.

Secret Stallmate


The game is using Fischer Random setup, but individually for each player. You cannot see the other player's random setup, but you can see your own.


Rules are as follows:
  1. Each player plays at a different location they cannot communicate with each other. You cannot see other player's pieces.
  2. There is a referee. Both players know the telephone number for the referee and the referee knows their telephone numbers. Players do not know each other's telephone numbers.
  3. Each player has a certain length of time (here I will assume 24 hours) to do everything before it is time for the referee to call the other player by telephone.
  4. Within this period, you may call the referee. Tell them what move you attempt or "Any?". The referee then tells each illegal move (as in Kriegspiel) and when the referee says yes then the move is final and it is a legal move. If you give check you are told the direction, and if you make a capture, you are told it is a capture, whether it is en passan, and where the capture is.
  5. At the end of the move period (even if the move has been made earlier), the referee calls the other player and tells the announcements in order without pausing. Also, any announcements for obviously impossible moves (such as if the same move was tried multiple times, if you made a move by a piece that cannot make that kind of move, or if "Any?" was asked when you have no pawns or when you already have once this turn, or when there has not yet been enough turns passed for anything to move such that any of your pawns could possibly capture) are suppressed.
  6. In most cases, each player wins or loses equally at the end. However, if one player forfeits (such as running out of time), the forfeiting player gets -10 and the other players gets 0.
  7. If either player is checkmated, both players get -5.
  8. Insufficient material does not automatically end the game.
  9. In case of three times repetition, both players get -8.
  10. In case both players are reduced to bare king, both players get -6.
  11. If either player is stalemated, both players get +1 for each piece (including pawns and kings) remaining on the board, counting both player's pieces and adding them together, both players earn the same points in total.

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By (zzo38) A. Black.
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