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This page is written by the game's inventor, Andy Maxson.

The short splicers

I have been reading about some of the chess with differebt armies experimental armies mainly ones like the fighting fizzies or amontdillo that being said I have made another and and realized it has little long range pieces that being said here is another army...


On the bishop's squares: The Wyvern (gmW-halingB) This is a halfling aanca it is an intersting piece to use as it is shortrange and bishoplike in it's move the lame kniight move counts as one square for the purpose of moveing to the edges
On the rook’s squares: The Panda-ferz (tWDDF)
This piece either moves as a wazir then dabbaba rider or ferz it is the only long range piece in this army and moves quickly and is much more quick to develop than a rook but has it’s movement more dispersed.
On the knight’s squares: the crabster (fAbFC) Moves as a forwards alfil, backwards ferz, or crab this is a half bishop plus half knight and worth about a knight and is pleasant to use
On the queen’s squares: The Brigadier (R4FN) moves as a four square rook, knight, or Ferz This piece is a very good midrange piece as it is able to checkmate a king by itself.


This was inspired by all the armies tha are experimental and use some original pieces mainly, amontdillo, metculous mashers, and the fighting fizzies. No pieces are colorbound so this army, while being shortrange flow quicklier than some of the fide pieces. The brigadier is the perfect all around piece for those who want early developmnet and compactness and flexibility along with the crabster.

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By Andy Maxson.
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