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This page is written by the game's inventor, Michiel Tas.

Simplified chess

For educational purposes I submit a simplified chess game. No check (mate), promotion, castling, pawn 2 step. Just be the first to take the king, or the first to reach the other side with 1 pawn.


No check(mate), castling, pawn 2 step (like 1. e2-e4) or promotion. One can win by taking the opponent's king, or by getting a pawn to the other side. So, where in the classic chess game one promotes a pawn, it's now an instant win. Note: A check mate situation normally still leads to a win, simply by taking the king on the next move. Note again: if before the taking of the king an opponent's pawn reaches other side, the 'mating' side actually loses.

If a player misses a check and sees his king taken, he loses. Too bad.

The two step of the pawn at its first move is out. So no e2-e4 but only e2-e3 is possible, for example. This gives the king, who can't castle anymore, the extra time needed for safety.

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By Michiel Tas.
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