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This page is written by the game's inventor, Bulat Khabibullin.

Which & Whose

We live in the modern and high-tech World, and it`s time to have new challenges. Without trainig for our brains we wil not continue our Evolution. Once idea how to improve quality of result which Chess brings to our life appeared in my mind. I have a task: to save the classic Chess rulles at the same time to improve the educational process. (Editor note: this game can be seen as a relaxation of Blindfolded Chess.)


We need classic Chess PC program or classic Chess board (for the "live" game).

It`s easier to create computer program wich will controll the process for the PC playing.

 For the "live" (physical) game at this moment I have only one variant for the game process controlling and observation - video controllers synchronized with special computer program which supervises displacements of pieces comparatively "starting" positions.

 Before starting the Game electronic system will (remember) assign names (codes/identifier or «number») for each figure for every player, to provide accurate control.

 During the "Check", "Victory" situation players must be informed by a "referee".


The main idea - all pieces must have the same shape and the same color (for both players).

 Another variant - all pieces must have the same shape but the color is classic white/black


Rules are the same as for «regular» Chess.

 Every player must constantly remember and understand where is his and opponent`s unit and what is it`s «name» (for "one color" variant).

 Game must be controlled only by Electronic system. Because it will be difficult to use «Live» referee. 

 Every incorrect movement - brings the Victory for the opponent!


The Game could be played by white-black, black, white or even more colorful figures (color will be responsible for the degree of sophistication).

 We can observe funny situations. For ex: Player forgot what is the name of a unit which he is moving bishop or pawn (during the "eating" situation), so he can "eat" opponent`s peice thinking that he is touching his pawn, but сontrolling equipment ("robot referee") will control rules abidance according to the piece`s movements, if it matches the designation of "starting" position - "referee" will not stop the game, until the wrong motion.

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By Bulat Khabibullin.
Web page created: 2014-01-10. Web page last updated: 2014-01-10