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Person Information

Jared has been designing games for a large portion of his life. His birthday is March 9th.

Some of the things he views as personal CV-related "big achievements" are tying for second place in the 42SC with Border Wars, coming in fifth place in the 43SC with Rook Mania, coming in first (and only :P) place in the 44SC, Extra Category, with Regenbogen, and his game Ryu Shogi, which didn't win anything in the 84SC but which somehow got a good reception.

Some of his non-CV related interests (in no particular order) are WarioWare (the whole series), Triple Triad, Archon, shmups, Super Mario War, math, and writing (mostly poetry and short stories).

Jared is also pretty sure he's the youngest frequenting member around here at the moment, but he could be wrong.

Finally, Jared knows precious little HTML and would appreciate anyone's help in making the formatting for this little blurb here look nicer.

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